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RepliFoods LLC.

275 Pauma Pl.

Escondido, CA 92029

Phone: 1(888)317-5838

Fax: 1(888) 716-3740


Benefits & Advantages

A definitive guide on how to use and profit from the RepliFoods product line

1) Training purposes

Does your business require new menu items from time to time? We know just as well as you do that training employees to prepare new menu items can be costly due to the food waste alone. However, with RepliFoods products we have changed all that. Our products are so durable that they can be handled on a daily basis by your employees for training purposes involving the preparation of new menu items.

2)  Quality Assurance

Here at RepliFoods we pride ourselves in, well, replications. That being said we have everything you could possibly need to replicate exactly what you create on a plate for your customers everyday. What this means for you is that you can have an exact replica of any one of your menu items to keep on display for not only your customers, but also your employees, ensuring quality food appearance everytime.

3) Waste Prevention

Do you use real food displays in your business? If you are then you essentially already lowered your overhead just by using this site! With RepliFoods products you can stop throwing away your money. Just replace your current real food or prepared product displays with replications and start raking in the savings! Best of all your customers will be impressed with your "always perfect" displays!

4) Decorating

Lets face it, if you want to appeal to the customers taste buds, proper decorations and garnishes are key players. If you use Kale in any of your displays, and most of us do, then you absolutely need to switch to Replikale© today! One purchase of Replikale© and we guarantee you will never switch back to real kale again! Except to cook of course!

5) Product Advertisement

Seeing is believing right? Well, when you place one of your replicated dishes on the counter for display, people will definitely see what you're all about. Simply have us create a replica and let your culinary skills do the work for you, but without the daily cost! Our replica products beat sign and textual advertising any day!

6) Merchandising

Need better dessert and beverage sales? Want to make more money on what makes you money the most? We have a priceless solution. Simply get all of your desserts and or beverages replicated and create a few "Permanent Customer Enticement Platters". Every time you sell a dessert or drink carry the platter out with it for amazing "add-sale" rates and "upsales"!

The truth is that saving money in the food and beverage industry has never been easier thanks to quality products like the RepliFoods line. Whether you're just starting out in your business adventure or have been in the industry for a century, everyone has something to gain when you Fake it till, You make it!